April 18th Farm Updates

Next Saturday (April 25th) we will be ready to begin selling!  Matt has been working hard  to get the season started.    As the season continues, we will have more and more varieties of produce to offer as well as higher quantities!  Due to concerns of the virus threat, we have hired no additional workers to help us this year and the entire workload of the farm rests on Matt’s shoulders.  We still have plans to offer great produce selections.

As you know, it is our goal to keep everyone as healthy and we have worked hard to socially isolate so we can continue to produce for you.  As a result, we have come up with this plan.  You will pre-order and pre-pay at our online store by midnight on Wednesday.  We will then harvest your orders and pre-bag them for you to pick up either at the farm or at the South of the James Farmer’s Market.  You will choose your pick-up location when you pay.  You will then come to pick up your order at your selected location on the following Saturday from 8-12.  We will follow this model until the threat of COVID-19 passes.

Family Farm

Please know we appreciate your understanding as we move in to this “new normal”. Our farm will take a beating this year, but your continued support will keep us up and running until we get through this difficult time.


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