April 10th Farm Updates

This week has been all about clearing out the greenhouse and transplanting plants in to the soil that Matt has worked hard to prepare.   We begin planting our seeds in February keeping them warm in the greenhouse.  We also send out soil samples during this time to labs.  We want to make sure our soil holds what is needed to grow our most beautiful nutrient dense produce.

Soil Prep  Once the results come in, Matt begins amending the soil following the lab results.  He works the month of March working the soil, prepping the beds all to make it to transplant day!

Transplant day is big!  We wait until the threat of frost is over and plant as much as we can.  Right now, we are planting beets, kale, kohl rabi, onions, various hearty herbs, and broccoli.  We spent the entire week and will spend the weekend putting all of these in to the ground!

Now all we have to do is wait for Mother Nature to do her work and with a lot of love and care from Matt, these beauties will grow in to food that offers pure nourishment!  I am absolutely dying for our salad, arugula, and strawberries!  Hurry up Mother Nature!



One thought on “April 10th Farm Updates

  1. Strawberries seem like SO much work. Watsonvile, the Strawberry Capitol of the World, is right down the coast from here. All that production is visible from the road. It seems to be so labor intensive. Cane berries are grown there too. I know they likely take more work, but it is not so visible.


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