August 17th Market

There has been a slight change to our farm dinner but I believe in the end, it will be much more enjoyable.  The problem is we are having a hard time getting an ABC license for the dinner at our farm.  So the deal is, we will have mocktails at the farm and appetizers while Matt shows you all he is doing around the farm.   You will learn about our growing practices and how we chose the food we are going to grow.  The tour will begin at 5:30.  From there, we will get in our cars and go to Sub Rosa Bakery at 620 N. 25TH ST.RICHMOND, VA, 23223.  We are so thankful to them for allowing us to use their space to create a beautiful dinner for you!  At Sub Rosa, your dinner will begin.  I will explain each dish and tell you where the food came from.  Some of the food will come from us, some will come from our favorite family farms, I will make sure to tell you about their farms as well.  I will also tell you how Chef Danielle prepared the food for you.  Corey, you will recognize her from market, is a wine expert! She will tell you about the wines that will be accompanying your dinner!


If you want to skip the farm tour, just show up at Sub Rosa at 6:30.  We are just happy for your company!  If you would like to attend this dinner, you can purchase tickets here.  We hope to see you there!

Now let’s talk about market and what our farm share members will be receiving in their bags!

In your bag you will find:
Carmen Pepper
Cherry Tomatoes

Our kale is the prettiest it has been all season!  Matt has been babying it and even hand picking bugs off the leaves!  We have to hand pick the bugs that love to eat our leaves because there are no organic pesticides to take care of these pesky bugs! His hard work has paid off and this week our kale is beautiful and crisp!  When kale is this good, I love it as a salad!


Picture Courtesy of Gimmesomeoven.

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things is to search for great recipes when things are in season.  Its my hobby and my passion to feed my family the great food Matt grows.  We work with some amazing chefs and their creativity inspires what I do in the kitchen.  I am a lucky one!  When kale is this good, simple is best!  That way you can savor the goodness of the kale!  Gimmesomeoven has this awesome recipe that is so simple!  She says to massage the kale.  Often times, I marinate the kale for a few hours, either way works. I would throw in some beautiful cherry tomatoes to round this dish out.  Serve it with a grilled chicken breast and it will be a delicious easy dinner!

Matt has grown these beautiful Carmen peppers!  I love to make better than take-out pepper steak with them!

67933665_2388993104647606_2407716201795944448_n.jpgHere is my secret, I always use brown rice and I always use a rice cooker.  Rather than using water, I use chicken broth for the rice.  It is so good!  I alway make extra and have some for lunches.  I made this dinner this week.  My only wish is that I added bok choy to the mix!   I am going to make this recipe again and I will be adding the choi!  Here is the recipe.

I love, love, love stuffed poblano peppers!  I love them so much, I make a double batch and make them for a dinner and my lunches!  This recipe is so delicious I highly recommend it.  I promise it is so easy!

images (12)

It is just as easy to do a double batch so that is what I do.  You can find the recipe here.



When it comes to summer, my favorite is Yummy peppers!  That is what they are called because they are so good!  When our son was real little, he would go to the field with us and pick these peppers right off the plant and pop them in his mouth.  He would call them yum-yums.  They are very sweet and his lunch box favorite.

yummy peppers 020.JPG

I love just to eat them raw!  I sliver them and put them on salads.  I cut them in half and dip them in hummus.  The chef who is doing our farm to table dinner is pickling them!  When I want to get fancy, I stuff them with goat cheese and blister then on the grill or broiler and serve them as appetizers.  When something is so good, keeping it simple is best.



We hope to see you at the South of the James Market this Saturday from 8-12.  It is going to be a beautiful day!

One thought on “August 17th Market

  1. I can not attend anyway. I am 3,000 miles away. I just like to see what you have growing there. This time, it is rather comparable to what we have at this end of the continent. Summer was cool, so some of ours summer vegetables are subdued.


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